Why You Should Be On YouTube

Why You Should Be On YouTube

From a large business to a small business, every company is on YouTube these days. If your company has an agenda, it has to broadcast it on YouTube for the sake of growing an audience, generating higher lead conversions, and of course maximizing sales which leads to  earning more profits.

YouTube is a video sharing website with its headquarters in San Bruno, California, United States, but its one of the best platforms for  widely spreading your messages all around the globe. If you have a video, you have got to share it on YouTube. The moment you share it and broadcast yourself, you not only become player in your market, but you start the audience building process, which set you up for a sales funnel down the road.

You may be wondering why you need to be on YouTube when there are so many other video sharing websites. Well, here are a few reasons that should impress you:


  1. YouTube is quite a popular video sharing website: Why would you want to be somewhere else for your small business when you have something as popular as YouTube? YouTube is known to all.
  2. YouTube is used by most of the individuals: This is no random guess; people love YouTube for the kind of website it is. It is used by almost all those who wish to be famous, and not just by business houses.
  3. YouTube is a giant network: YouTube is quite a name in the market; if you are on YouTube, you can get sponsored. If your business video is on YouTube, your online advertising is done, and at no cost.
  4. People trust in the name of YouTube: Most of the people trust YouTube because it is not something that has been unnecessarily hyped. Every moment you spend on this website is worth it to someone, be it the viewer or the broadcaster.
  5. From controversial videos and gossips to inspirational messages and news, everything is on YouTube: There is nothing that you don’t get to see on YouTube. No doubt there are a few controversial videos as well, but there are other videos that make you smile and happy, and maybe even inspired.
  6. YouTube is a life saver for a lot of small businesses: Since YouTube has a lot of people building networks here, it becomes easier for a small business to broadcast itself and survive in the market.
  7. YouTube is FREE: Need I say more? YouTube is free and hence everybody can use it for the sake of online advertising.
  8. You can promote videos that you share on YouTube: All your YouTube videos can be shared on your social networking websites. 
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